My name is Samantha Jackson, and I have grown up as a Christian, having been a regular church attendee my entire life. West Edge has been my church family through every chapter of my life, surrounding me with fellow believers who embrace everyone for who they are. This church community is a place that builds authentic community that isn’t caught up in appearances and church politics. As I started asking the hard questions and challenged my faith, I was always encouraged to seek answers through my faith in God. West Edge is where I feel that I belong for who I am and my identity in Christ.” Here it is.


West edge is my home! I came here about 4 years ago and I was so nervous to go to a church that wasn’t the normal Catholic Church I went to. I was greeted by Pastor Matthew and his wife Mary-Beth. I instantly felt welcomed and was at home. Over the years I have volunteered at many different church events, helped the less fortunate and got to learn the word of the Lord. This church has helped me to get closer to God and actually seek God in my everyday life. I have had many hard ships but I know I can get through them because I have a church of people who are there to support me and help me over come anything. Thank you Westedge for accepting me as I am and for welcoming me with open arms❤️


West Edge Community Church; a church who’s name actually represents the environment. In an ever changing world with more and more church’s feeling irrelevant, West Edge is a place I have found relevance in daily life. As a 16 year old writing this, I find the “normal” church experience unrelatable, where West Edge challenges me with meaningful subject matter applicable to me. Current relevant topics are discussed at West Edge, while maintaining a focus on a relationship with God. West Edge adds value to my life, and to me is a home away from home.


West Edge has been there for me and my mind, sanity, and cared for my heart and soul when I couldn’t do it for myself. After searching for 20 years for a church that won’t judge me for my past, I was ready to give up on church period. I finally asked God to help me find the right one for me. It was the LAST chance I was ever going to give any church. I was done with searching and I ended up judging all churches as whole. Too much conformity and almost robotic in their ways. I couldn’t bring myself to believe that that’s how God wanted it. West Edge helped me see what home with Christ looks like. Helped me learn what my true identity in Christ means. I love this place, because just like God, West Edge community loved me first.