WE Community Kitchen, read more about WE in the community.

Community Kitchen is where West Edge gets to give and receive. We get to give nutritious meals and we get to receive awesome people from our community. With volunteer support and generous donations from ‘Swiss Chalet Port Credit‘, and ‘The Social Cupcake‘,  we get to be known for our acts of love. We serve over 7000 meals a year. WE are common people creating an uncommon community.

Community Kitchen runs from November-April. Every Saturday 5-7pm

Community Kitchen BBQ will run from July 9 – Aug 27 from 5-6:30pm

What ever you got is a lot when God is in it. Most people see people that are marginalized or financially vulnerable as people who only need help can’t help. But will little you can do a lot. They have raised over $500 for World Vision, ‘Feeding Families’, educate, nurture, feed, empower, and heal. They provide hen’s and rooster to communities so that they can eat. It is a community marked by generosity.

Would you like to know more or volunteer? Contact Mary-Beth at connect@westedge.org